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Complexation of a pyridyldiimine with iron(II) chloride; 2,6-bis[1-(2-isopropylphenylimino)ethyl]pyridine iron(II) chloride

SyntheticPage 437
DOI: 10.1039/SP437
Submitted Jul 06, 2010, published Jul 09, 2010
Giles Theaker (
A contribution from Scott group, Warwick University

			Reaction Scheme: Complexation of a pyridyldiimine with <SPAN class=csm-chemical-name id=csm1285434586785 title="iron(II) chloride">iron(II) chloride</SPAN>

Chemicals Used

2,6-bis[1-(2-isopropylphenylimino)ethyl]pyridine page 436
Fe4Cl8.THF6 (doi:10.1016/S0020-1693(00)85366-9)
dichloromethane (Dried by heating to reflux for 72 h over CaH2 then distilling)
diethyl ether (Dried by heating to reflux for 72 h over Na/K alloy then distilling, although other drying agents probably also adequate)


2,6-bis[1-(2-isopropylphenylimino)ethyl]pyridine page 436 (0.50 g, 1.04 mmol) and Fe4Cl8.THF6 (0.24 g, 0.52 mmol, 0.5 eq.) were charged into a Schlenk vessel under argon. DCM (30 ml) was added and the reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature for 3 h, after which time the solution had become dark blue. The solution was filtered via cannula into a clean Schlenk vessel, and concentrated to ca 20 ml. Diethyl ether (60 ml) was added, and a blue precipitate formed. This was collected by filtration, washed with diethyl ether (20 ml) and dried in vacuo. (0.51 g, 82 %).

Author's Comments

This (and related) complexes are used as olefin polymerization catlaysts (see references).


This complex is paramagnetic; however, a broad 1H NMR shows several assignable peaks. See lead reference for details.

Lead Reference

G. J. P. Britovsek, V. C. Gibson, S. K. Spitzmesser, K. P. Tellmann, A. J. P. White and D. J. Williams, Dalton Trans., 2002, 1159 doi: doi: 10.1039/b106614p

Other References

G. J. P. Britovsek, V. C. Gibson, B. S. Kimberley, P. J. Maddox, S. J. McTavish, G. A. Solan, A. J. P. White and D. J. Williams, Chem. Commun., 1998, 849-850 doi:10.1039/a801933i
B. L. Small, M. Brookhart and A. M. A. Bennett, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1998, 120, 4049-4050 doi:10.1021/ja9802100

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Keywords: amines, heterocyclic compounds, Iron, organometallics, pyridyldiimine, substitution, transition metal catalysed

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