The Chemistry Team

  • Peter Scott

    Peter Scott is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Warwick, UK, and was formerly at the University of Sussex. His research is focussed on metallo-organic chemistry and mechanism, and specifically in chiral systems for enantioselective catalysis, polymer synthesis, materials science and healthcare. He has interests in how universities and industry can work together, and is Director of Warwick Chemistry’s EPSRC funded PhD with Industrial Collaboration, and also of Warwick Knowledge Transfer Secondments.

  • Nicholas Marshall

    Nicholas Marshall is an assistant professor of Organic Chemistry at USC Aiken. His research interests include organic and materials chemistry, electrochemistry and green chemistry, with particular expertise in conjugated polymers, surface functionalization, and organic synthesis.

Stephen Caddick, Peter Scott, Kevin Booker-Milburn and Max Hammond were the original founders of, an online database for chemical transformations. The data from SyntheticPages has been used as the seed data for ChemSpider SyntheticPages.