ChemSpider Feedback

Here at ChemSpider we believe that our relationship with our users is paramount to our success. We don’t live in ivory towers and we don’t profess to know what is best for our users. Our intention is to continue to listen to you, our customers and respond to your suggestions.

General Comments about ChemSpider

We appreciate any feedback that you have about the ChemSpider system. Compliments especially are welcomed!

When it is clear that you are expecting a response to your email we will do our utmost to respond within 2 business days of receipt.

General Inquiries about ChemSpider

Any general questions that you might have regarding ChemSpider can be sent to us at this address. While at present we do have well defined plans for the future development of ChemSpider we do welcome any questions you might have about our future directions. Please send us your feedback to

You could also share your feedback with friends and other users of ChemSpider by adding your comments to the ChemSpider Forum

Beta Testers Feedback

For those of you who are undergoing the experience of beta-testing ChemSpider as we develop the new capabilities we appreciate your commitment, support and willingness to review our efforts and provide feedback. The user experience for the masses will be so much better as a result of your support. Please send us your feedback to

Bug Reports

As with any software development what we deliver to the marketplace is guaranteed to not be bug-free. We can only test in certain test environments and certainly cannot keep pace with all browser enhancements that will be released, specifically as a result of the Open Source efforts of the Firefox community. So, we welcome your bug reports as you find them. We will do everything we can to fix, update and upgrade on an ongoing basis relative to your feedback. Please understand that all bugs will be rank ordered in importance and weighted based on the number of times a particular bug is reported. We will balance bug-fixing against our new developments as any other software company would. Please send your bug reports feedback to

In regards to content database the content is generally not in our control. However, we HAVE offered you the ability to add information to each record if you believe there is an issue with the record. Each entry will be reviewed prior to approval for posting so garbage input will likely not make it through the process. However, as with the wiki community we are hoping that all such additions will be made with the intention of being helpful, adding value and generally improving the quality of available information.

Contribute to the ChemSpider Database

There are a number of other websites that offer up the searching of millions of chemical structures in similar ways to ChemSpider. The majority of this data is sourced from PubChem and enhancements are made from that foundation. The data exposed on ChemSpider for the time being is initially extracted from the PubChem database and then enhanced as a result of the application of a series of prediction algorithms. The data sources supplying PubChem are detailed here.

We welcome the opportunity to add data to our collection. In order to add data we need to receive the data in the form of SDF files. The definitions of any text fields in the SDF files should be detailed in an accompanying file so that we are conscious of the information accompanying the data. Any data obtained from alternative sources will be listed on our Database Content page will full credit to the suppliers. Please read this document about submitting data to ChemSpider.